Meet the Artist


Jonas Gayer is a painter working in acrylics and oils. He specializes in collages, abstract art and figurative paintings. Jonas' work has been exhibited in New York City, the Hamptons, and in Shelter Island. His studio is located in Shelter Island where he has been a resident for over twenty-five years.

Jonas was born in Russia and raised in Poland, Belgium, and the United States. He always enjoyed drawing and sketching but only discovered his true talents when he met his wife, Eva. She inspired him to start painting when she got tired of him drawing on everything from the bills to the walls. She eventually bought him canvas and paints and since then painting has become a lifelong passion.

His work ranges from scenic views, to portraits, to cubism, to his own unique style. His most recent work is a combination of dynamic colors and textures which take on a life of their own. These paintings encourage the viewer to be creative and interpret the meaning behind the artwork. Jonas' work has been influenced by the exquisite views of Shelter Island, the busy life he leads in New York City as a tax advisor, his family and friends.

For a private viewing of Jonas' artwork, you can contact him at his information page.

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